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Are road bikes safer and more reliable than mountain bikes?

Corporate News / 2021-06-23 12:52

Many people believe that mountain bikes are safer and more reliable than road bikes. But in fact, the reliability and safety of road bikes are not bad, and the tire puncture rate is not very high. There are several reasons why people have such negative opinions on road vehicles: one is that the quality of domestic road vehicles is mixed, and the quality is not flattering; the second is that the tire pressure is too low; the third is that subjective ideas are at odds.
High-quality bicycles are basically free from tire punctures. Road bikes pay attention to lightweight and simplification, and the body can be saved. Therefore, under the constraints of these conditions, the safety and reliability of road bikes must be guaranteed, which will inevitably have high requirements on its materials and prices. Just follow the tide and rise. Guangzhou Zane bicycle manufacturer let you understand the mystery, and then look at the old and low-priced road bikes on the market now, and you can understand why many people think that the safety and reliability of road bikes are not good.
Clincher tires of road bikes often have to be inflated up to 110 psi, and the tires are marked with "maximum pressure 110 psi. In fact, it is no problem to add up to 110, which is slightly equivalent to 7 atmospheres. If the tire pressure is too low, it is easy to cause a puncture. "The reason why everyone didn't do this was because of the common sense interference with the tire blowout when you got too angry! The pressure of the tubular tire used in the competition is even higher, which is greater than the 110 value. If your tires burst immediately at 110 psi, there can only be one explanation, that is, your tires are inferior.
Given the same time and distance, which road bike and mountain bike have more tires per thousand kilometers? I don’t know if anyone has done statistics. If so, you can use the data as a basis to draw a correct conclusion. If not, “road bikes are easier to puncture tires than mountain bikes” are not scientifically sound. It can only be said that this is just everyone's subjective ideas. Some people may think that mountain bike tires are thicker and stronger. They say that mountain bikes are not easy to puncture tires, while road bikes are just the opposite. Just imagine, if road bikes are so easy to puncture tires, then how would the Tour de France and other races go ahead? They are doing high-intensity cycling races of thousands of kilometers! High-quality road bike tires are made of Kevlar fiber, which is much more expensive than mountain bikes. It hasn’t been long since road bikes entered China, and everyone still doesn’t know much about it. Just seeing that road tires are so thin, they think that “fine tires are easy to puncture”. In fact, mountain bikes are not as strong as you think, and they will burst tires from time to time. of.