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What combination is used for the front and rear chainrings o

Corporate News / 2021-06-23 12:51

What combination is used for the front and rear chainrings of the mountain shift? Zane bicycle manufacturer brings you the following introduction:
The road is uneven and up and down slopes are unavoidable. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the chainring to adapt to the riding road conditions. When the rear chainring fails to cope with the changes, it is necessary to consider changing the front gear. If only the front gear is changed, the gear ratio will often be too large, and then the rear chainring must be changed to reduce the pedaling effort.
1. Lower the front chainring and increase the rear chainring.
2. Heighten the front chainring and rear chainring.
The shift levers on the left and right sides need to be adjusted at the same time until the easiest to operate is selected. Generally, there are two combinations of front outside, back inside, front outside and back inside.
That is:
1. Front large chainring + rear large chainring
2. Front small chainring + rear small chainring
Of course, some people do not approve this combination, because it will cause the chain to tilt, which greatly reduces the transmission function of the chain and accelerates the loss of the chain. In addition, the chain will also rub against the chainring next to it, and the loss will be relatively large.