Causes and treatments of cramps during cycling

Industry Information / 2022-12-19

Cycling is also like other sports, that is, cramps will occur. Although the real cause of cramps has not been determined yet, it is generally believed that this is caused by many factors. This issue of Guangzhou Zane's own manufacturers will analyze with you. Causes and treatment of cramps.

What causes cramps?

1. Not doing enough stretching exercises before riding;  

2. Excessive use of muscles leads to fatigue;   

3. Long riding in hot weather;   

4. There is a sudden change in ambient temperature;

5. Sweat too much on the body and fail to replenish water in time;   

6. Imbalance of electrolyte balance;   

7. The riding posture is unscientific;  

8. Unstable mood and excessive fluctuation;   

9. The diet is unscientific, and there may be side effects of drugs, etc.;

So now that cramps have already appeared, how should we deal with them? This time must be timely. Guangzhou Zane's own manufacturer can provide you with the following procedures, which will be processed in order:

1. Stop cycling immediately;   

2. Find a cool and ventilated place to replenish water. It will be better to carry sports drinks;   

3. Slowly stretch the leg muscles that have cramped, and perform a moderate massage on the cramped area;   

4. During treatment, heat therapy or cold therapy can be used as an auxiliary. Using sports sprays or cold packs is an effective method.