Bicycle culture is the next growth point in the development

Industry Information / 2022-12-19

In the near future, the innovation of China's domestic bicycle culture will be a powerful driving force leading the development of the bicycle industry. As far as the author knows, this view is not new. At the first China Bicycle Culture Forum, participants not only discussed the important influence of cycling culture on industrial transformation and upgrading, but also the progress and innovation of cycling culture. The industry driving force is also certain. With the continuous changes and development of the market, it now seems that this has been positively confirmed. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand why Guangzhou Zane bicycle manufacturer has to emphasize the role of bicycle culture.

In fact, the rapid development of the bicycle industry in recent years is obvious to all. Regarding the reasons for the popularity of cycling and the development of the industry, Mr. Peng Shangyong, CEO of China Low Carbon Network, said: "Biking has become a fashion, and the charm of cycling is infecting and attracting more and more people to participate. A beautiful landscape in contemporary life.” And Mr. Ma Zhongchao, Chairman of the China Bicycle Association also agreed: “The development of the bicycle industry is a reflection on the traditional industrial economy that has sacrificed too much of the environment and public interests, so that the development of green The economy has become a new trend in the world."

Continuous development on the basis of development is our goal and the way to survive in the market of "moving against the current". And grasping the driving force of cycling culture innovation is undoubtedly a very good direction for progress.

Guangzhou Zane bicycle manufacturer believes that the large-scale public welfare cycling event with the theme of "low carbon, green and environmental protection" organized by the China Bicycle Association for 6 consecutive years-"Low Carbon Action, Ride China" is one side of the industry's cultural construction. banner. This activity has created a total of more than 10,000 kilometers of cycling mileage, attracting countless media attention and reports, and more importantly, it has affected nearly 200 million people, making them understand or fall in love with bicycles, and contribute to the development and growth of the industry. Made an indelible contribution.

In this regard, Mr. Ma Zhongchao once said: “In the future upgrade of China’s bicycle industry, on the basis of adhering to the path of technological innovation, a new path of cultural innovation should also be considered, that is, to give full play to the powerful role of culture and promote the integration of culture and industry. Development." Guangzhou Zane bicycle manufacturer said: "The innovative development of cycling culture will change the market structure of the bicycle industry, and will also prompt it to produce new industrial patterns and value-added links, thereby completely subverting the industrial structure and economic growth mode of the bicycle industry. This is innovation, subversion, and development."

Looking at the view that "innovation of bicycle culture is a powerful driving force leading the development of the bicycle industry", it is in line with the current development of the bicycle industry in China, and it is foresight and practical. In the words of Mr. Wang Shicheng, Vice President of the China National Light Industry Council, “Culture is a bridge between people to communicate their hearts and emotions, and a bond to deepen understanding and trust. Communication and integration based on culture is far more than a single economic and trade exchange. Longer and deeper.