How much do you know about the combination of "Internet + bi

Industry Information / 2022-12-19

In your opinion, what is the original "bicycle" like? A cheap and traditional transportation tool? If so, it can only show that your concept is too outdated and the speed of information change is too slow. In modern society, sports bicycles have long evolved from a simple transportation function into a sports lifestyle integrating fitness, leisure and competition. Of course, the traditional bicycle industry has changed much more than the content of "function" in response to market demand. It is integrated with the general trend of the Internet, and innovation and development have become a new important topic.

The Internet has become the absolute protagonist in the current social economy. Therefore, when talking about future development, all walks of life will always take "how to survive and develop under the tide of Internet +" as the premise, then the combination of "bicycle + Internet" Is it just to follow the trend? Guangzhou Zane bicycle manufacturer's interpretation of this is: the cooperation between the Internet and bicycles can be said to be the result of both parties seeking to maximize their interests. Internet companies have taken a fancy to the environmental and healthy development potential of bicycles, while traditional bicycle companies need to use the power of the Internet to find new ways of development. Both have their own interests, so they have promoted cooperation.

This year's "Double Eleven" and "Double Twelve" online shopping carnival have just passed, and the performance of bicycles in these two most important e-commerce festivals is obvious to all. On mainstream platforms such as and Gome, online sales are far ahead of the offline sales of this category of brands, which fully proves the advantages of combining tradition and new styles, leading the development direction of domestic high-end bicycle brands. The "Super Bike" produced by the Internet company LeTV and the Flying Pigeon Bicycle brand has become a popular product in the "Double Eleven" online shopping carnival, and has received enthusiastic responses from the market.

In fact, the hot sale of bicycles online truly reflects the future development trend of the bicycle industry-the integration of the traditional bicycle industry and the new Internet. LeEco is not the only Internet company that can see this clearly. Samsung, Baidu, Xiaomi...a large number of well-known Internet companies have expressed their strong interest and investment in the bicycle market. Of course, in terms of bicycle brands, it is not just the Flying Pigeon family that has taken action. A large number of traditional bicycle companies are trying or have already taken steps to change.

As Guangzhou Zane bicycle manufacturer said, "Internet + bicycle" is actually caused by the needs of the development of the times, and is the ultimate result of pursuing win-win cooperation. Understand this point, traditional bicycle companies can be regarded as finding the future development direction. However, there are still many problems left for us to think about with this combination. Traditional bicycles have experienced ups and downs and are now in a good time for development. Why did it choose the Internet as its "best partner"? In the same way, why the Internet is so fond of bicycles? Who needs the other more, and who will dominate? These are actually worthy of our deep consideration and exploration.