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What role does bicycle play in controlling congestion in the

Corporate News / 2022-12-19

China is the most populous country, and its urban transportation construction itself shoulders greater pressure. Coupled with the rapid development of China's economy after the reform and opening up, many people have the conditions to buy cars, and the number of cars in China has been rising at a high rate in the past ten years. The consequence that followed is that the roads in domestic cities have been repaired and rebuilt because of the unlimited expansion of automobile demand. It can be said that today’s urban traffic construction has fallen into a strange circle: when traffic jams, build roads. The roads are wide and wide, but the road conditions are getting worse and worse. When the peak travel period, vehicles crowded on the roads are like being used. Like the Rooting Charm, it was blocked completely immobile.

Then, in the face of the intensified traffic jam in the city, what role does the bicycle play in the urban congestion? ? Let’s first look at a set of data. The Copenhagen city government plans to build 26 bicycle highways around the capital to encourage more residents to commute and travel by bicycle. Germany spent 200 million euros to build bicycle lanes in 2002. At present, the coverage rate of single lanes in the 3.8 kilometers of federal roads in Germany has reached more than half. Germany has 70 million bicycles in stock, which is 1.6 times the number of cars. Carefully analyze the meaning behind these data, in fact, the answer has been given, traffic jams, the final solution is not to expand the road, but to build bicycle lanes to encourage citizens to ride more bicycles.

At the end of the 18th century, the world's first bicycle was invented by the Frenchman Sivrac. After that, bicycles quickly became popular all over the world and became an essential means of transportation. Although bicycles were once left out of the cold due to the appearance of motorcycles and cars, these have become a thing of the past. Nowadays, a bicycle fever is being set off again in the world, and it was once regarded as an important tool to save modern cities. Studies have shown that the natural resources on the earth have been overdrawn and used, which runs counter to the requirements of sustainable development. Climate change, air pollution, water shortages, and species extinctions all indicate that the earth’s capacity is insufficient, and humans are over-consuming the earth’s resources. Whether it is for their own health considerations or for sustainable development considerations, human life styles should be close to nature. Cycling is close to nature, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It is definitely the preferred travel tool for people who pursue a simple life and advocate nature.

Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, economic conditions have gradually improved and living standards have risen steadily. We should have lived a happier life. However, the actual situation is not as expected. Health problems, psychological problems, environmental problems, and all kinds of problems surround modern people. When we spend a lot of money to buy a car, and separate ourselves in iron boxes, we continue to miss the happy hours of youth riding bicycles when we were young, and we are eager to experience the sweaty passion again. So why not open the door and liberate the body and mind?

Guangzhou Zane bicycle manufacturer believes that the effectiveness of domestic traffic jam control is obviously lagging behind Western countries. In this regard, we should actively learn from Germany, Denmark, Copenhagen and the Netherlands. On the one hand, the government and urban construction departments need to change their thinking about congestion control. On the other hand, they must also work hard to build bicycle lanes to encourage more citizens to choose bicycles as a means of travel. At the same time, Guangzhou Zane bicycle manufacturer hopes that everyone can understand the truth that traffic jams are not only governed by the government and urban construction departments. Traffic jams are everyone's. Relying on the power of the government to manage traffic jams is far from enough, and everyone's cooperation is needed. Let us go out of the house together, open the car door, and let the bicycle exercise take you away naturally. Ride two more kilometers and take a few more steps, so that future generations can also see the beautiful world of birds and flowers.